BAM Score Re-scaled

To keep up with our goals and the needs of our ever expanding and unique database, Basic Athletic Measurement is adjusting the BAMScore™. The new scoring provides more detailed correlated intervals (to match our precise data collection) and will provide all athletes with a more precise structure to measure development. If you already have a BAMScore™ from earlier testing, we will be re-calculating your results. The scoring values will change but your ranking is not impacted. All rankings and categories will be adjusted too.  With the new BAMScore™, each protocol will have a maximum possible score of 500. The Total BAMScore™ will continue to be a sum of the individual BAMScore™.



New site

BAM Testing has undergone a major site revision that brings important new functionality online. The transition may have some bumps, so please contact our support team if you encounter any problems.

We are at info@bamtesting.com